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About VAVB

For over 25 years, the Association of Asbestos Removal companies (VAVB) is a collaboration of highly qualified asbestos removers. The VAVB has initiated important parts of the current laws and regulations in The Netherlands, including certification schemes.  

The VAVB is committed to co-create clear and practicle regulations and to endorse a safe working conditions without unnecessary risks to society, environment and employees. A balanced business climate is also a spearhead for de VAVB. This includes reducing unnecessary, costly administrative burdens and preventing illegal and anti-competitive activities.

The VAVB is in contact with all levels in industry, consultation platforms and public authorities. The VAVB finds it important that the removal of asbestos is carried out on a high professional level. Therefore our members need to comply to the asbestos removal process certificate under certification scheme SC-530.

Our members are:
- Bilfinger Industrial Services Nederland B.V.
- Clevers Asbestsanering BV
- DDM Demontage B.V.
- Hertel B.V.
- HORYON Innovaties en Technieken B.V.
- Dehaco B.V.
- Asbestverwijdering Flory bv
- Hein Heun Asbestsaneringen B.V.
- Fiberscan B.V.
- Opleidingscentrum Westpoort
- Brand Energy Services b.v.

The board of the VAVB is supported by APPR Ht Brancheburo, an association management company.

For more information about the VAVB please contact us at +31 35 542 75 25.

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